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Suze Retera

Embodying Self-Enquiry


Therapy focused on Body & Psyche

Welcome to my website! Here you can find all the information about the different forms of therapy I offer, upcoming events and how you can work with me.

In my practice in Amsterdam I bring psychology , trauma therapy , and orthomolecular advice (nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation) together. This is a holistic form of therapy aimed at both physical and psychological complaints or a combination of both.


It is my experience, both in my practice and in my personal life, that cultivating a connection with your body and integrating past experiences not only on a rational level but also on a physical level is essential. It is the starting point for integrating stressful or traumatic experiences. So you can create a life of meaning and freedom for yourself

Forms of Therapy

Psychology & Trauma

Understanding your own behavior and why you behave or feel this way does not necessarily result in different behaviour. This does not alter the fact that it is an important part of therapy.  In combination with body-oriented work, it forms an important key to self-understanding and healing. Conversations and self-reflection are therefore part of the sessions. 

Orthomolecular Advice

Orthomolecular health focuses on creating balance in the body. This provides the body with the necessary nutrients to function optimally. The body's need for specific nutrients is greater when we have stress, trauma, or a physical. By supporting the self-healing capacity of the body, we support the recovery of both the body and the mind. 

Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Pranayama

Yoga and Yoga Nidra are both ancient practices with very healing effects for both body and mind. Yoga stimulates the presence and awareness of your own body. Yoga Nidra facilitates deep rest and reprogramming of unconscious patterns through trance. This can be used as part of therapy, or you can take a group lesson. 


Join my next workshop or training:

Suze is a wonderful Yoga teacher, if not, one of the best I know, because every class, she makes you reach another level. With her, every practice you learn something new and she always makes sure you do it correctly. After every yoga class with Suze, I walk out with a big smile.

Ronja - Yoga Student

18-23 JUNE & 25-30 JUNE 2024 AT CASA DI YOGA

Yoga in itself can feel like therapy! On this retreat Suze will combine yoga asana classes with actual therapeutic practices, creating a powerful and healing combination. Start your day with a vinyasa yoga class that opens your body and connects you to your breath. In the afternoon sessions, you will explore body-oriented therapeutic practices that allow you to release tension from your body, regulate your nervous system, and process experiences on both a mental and physical level. 

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