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Through various publications I regularly share practical knowledge in the field of psyche, health, yoga and lifestyle. Hopefully there are interesting articles for you that will help you further. 

Suze Retera

Psoas muscle: this is how you keep the muscle of your soul strong and healthy

Your psoas muscle is the muscle that, among other things, allows you to raise your leg. The muscle runs from the inside of your thighs, through the pelvis along the lower back and attaches to the diaphragm. Together with the jaw muscles, it is one of the strongest muscles in our body. The psoas is linked to our body's autonomic response to stress and has been referred to as the "muscle of the soul." In this article you can read how psoas complaints arise and how you can alleviate them. 

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Nervus Vagus: This is how you make the 'on' and 'off' switch of your nervous system strong and resilient

In our modern society, many people are constantly in the action mode. There is therefore little time for recovery and that has consequences for your well-being. Your nervous system plays an essential role in this. In particular the vagus nerve; the switch of your nervous system that helps you to switch smoothly between tension and relaxation. 

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Suze Retera Yoga Nidra

Let go and receive loving care with yoga nidra

In yoga nidra you travel to a state between waking and sleeping. Sleep yoga is also called this soft form of yoga. After a lesson you feel rested, but also different. Because yoga nidra works deeply connecting and is healing, also for the female cycle.  

Interview & Text by Angélique Heijligers for Yoga Magazine

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Trauma processing: this is how you come home (again) to your own body

Stressful or traumatic events often have an effect that remains tangible. Even after normal life continues. The body in particular can linger in a tense state. Thinking about this is an important part of recovery. In the long term, this tension can have harmful consequences for your physical and mental health. 

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Suze Retera

Trouble being present in your body? 7 Tips to restore contact

Do you experience a lot of tension in your body? Do you find it difficult to feel your body? Or are you unable to get into the recovery phase? These 7 tips help to create space for all the experiences in your life; the beautiful and the less beautiful. They make you a full inhabitant of your body, and therefore the driver of your own life.

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Yoga Nidra: discover the healing space between waking and sleeping

Yoga Nidra is booming. It is a form of meditation that puts you in a deep state of relaxation, even call it a trance in which you gain access to your subconscious. That while you are nice and warm under a blanket throughout the lesson. How exactly this works and why it is so beneficial (especially for bad sleepers!) we asked Yoga Nidra teacher Suze Retera. 

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The puzzle pieces that lead to optimal health and autonomy

'Combining different sources of knowledge yields the most benefits.' Interview in Yoga International about my view on health, care, and living with autoimmunity.

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Suze Retera Yoga International
OCD hoe herken je het.jpeg

OCD? This is how you recognize the symptoms of an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Check the gas ten times. Check the car lock and walk back for it three times. Always have the music volume in the car on an even number… OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can take over your life completely. This obsessive-compulsive disorder gets in the way of healthy relationships, prevents you from being able to concentrate on your work and can even lead to depression. And it seems like it's happening more and more. We asked psychologist Suze Retera about her vision and what you can do about it.

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The power of experience. Doing good with yoga retreats: Peru

Retreats are incredibly popular, and rightly so. Who doesn't dream of a week of yoga in a beautiful place with delicious food and plenty of time for yourself? As a yoga teacher and founder of Global Flow Retreats, I witness the short and long term effect of yoga retreats almost daily. What is the difference between a retreat and a wellness trip? And how can a reterat contribute to change that not only serves the individual, but also the greater whole?

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Yoga Retreat Peru
Yoga Docent

This is how you survive your first yoga class: 10 tips from a yoga teacher

Before you can be on your head, you really have to survive that first yoga class. And that can be a bit exciting if you're not versed in yoga etiquette. That's why we asked yoga teacher Suze Retera to make a list of 10 tips that you as a yoga rookie want to know before you step on the mat.  

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Are you stuck in old patterns? A family constellation can break them

Inhibiting patterns can be passed down from generation to generation. With the help of family constellations you can bring them to light and put a stop to them. Suze Retera is a psychologist and teaches family constellations. Below she answers our most pressing questions.

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