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Orthomolecular Therapy

In orthomolecular medicine, we strive to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to restore or maintain health through nutrition and supplementation.  

The body has an enormous capacity for recovery. By seeing the body as a working whole, instead of separate parts, we can better understand it and better place complaints. Based on this, we can take in nutrients and adjust our lifestyle, so that the body comes back into balance. 

Tofu Salad


Food is much more than fuel at all. It is essentially your most powerful medicine. However, our relationship with food is often not that simple because we do not only eat functionally. We have a social, cultural, and emotional relationship with food. Looking at our food choices gives us a lot of information about both our physical and mental well-being. 


Food is the main source of the nutrients our body needs. However, in situations where you experience a lot of physical, emotional or mental stress, the body consumes large amounts of nutrients and supplementation is an important support for the body. Which supplementation is needed depends on the imbalance in the body and changes during the treatment. 


Nutrition and supplementation alone does a lot, but even more important is finding the cause. Sometimes we get out of balance due to an acute trauma, sometimes the imbalance is the result of a longer period in which our lifestyle did not match the needs of our body. In both cases it is good to clarify this and make adjustments where possible so that we do not only treat the symptoms of the problem. 

The method(s) that suit you...

Our diet and lifestyle are no coincidence. We develop these based on our culture, social environment, and personal experiences. Similarly, health problems are often no coincidence. In particular, chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases, hypo- or hypertheroidism,  obesity, cardiovascular disease, develop slowly. Usually, these conditions are recognized late and the pharmaceutical treatment of them can provide relief from the symptoms, but do little about the cause. Orthomolecular medicine has more to offer in this area for chronic complaints, hormonal imbalance, and psychological complaints that are related to or enhanced by a physical imbalance.  

In an othomolecular trajectory, we look at what is important to you and which support suits you best. Other forms of therapy can, where desired, become part of the treatment process. 

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